Dear Brand, I love you. Only because I know you.

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Dear Brand

Dear brand,

It’s invigorating to see a brand like you, who believes in itself. Your self-esteem gives you an inspiring confidence! For you, there are no boundaries that cannot be overcome and every obstacle is always a new opportunity to renew yourself. You’re amazing.

But that’s not enough.

It’s not enough being awesome. In fact, it’s fundamental that the market knows you’re amazing. It’s essential that anyone who finds you on Google knows the brand you are.

So, your IMAGE has to be at “the same level” as you. It must be equally fantastic. Your SITE must be updated and have relevant information that translates what you are. 

In marketing, what you see is what you get. So it’s not enough to be… It also needs to appear.

If you’re an innovative brand, you can’t look outdated.

If you’re a sophisticated brand, you can’t look sloppy.

If you’re a young brand, you can’t look too formal.

Your image cannot be out of touch with reality. If you’re good, you have to have a good image!

And this is important for everyone who needs to wear your shirt every day, but particularly for your sales team, because it helps their job so much: selling!

A hug,

José Matias

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