Dear Brand, Life happens outside your comfort zone.

by | May 10, 2019 | Dear Brand

Dear brand,

If you keep doing the same as usual, you’ll get the same results as usual.

Every once in a while, you should innovate, “try something new”. Novelties are news, and what is new gets attention.

You can innovate in your products, in your processes, in the market, in distribution, in usage, among many others. Novelty will provide you “something new to say” and with that you can make a press-release or a communication campaign directly to your target.

However, if none of these innovations are possible for you in particular, you can always innovate in your way of communicating, and that will make a great difference. Innovation in communication can reposition (up) your company, increase the engagement with your target, rise the value of your brand and place you at your clients’ top of mind (meaning, they will remember you first).

Innovation in communication can turn a “dull” product into an interesting one, or a “grey” brand into a brand full of personality.

If you think there’s nothing else you can do for your brand, think again.

A hug,

José Matias

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