Dear Brand, serve dessert first. Time is short.

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Dear Brand

Dear brand,

The next time you plan on appearing on a highway side billboard, think that you’ll be seen by thousands of people, who are late for work, driving at least 120km / h. If you get them to look at you (which will be lucky!), you will only have 3 or 4 seconds of attention. Think of it as speed-dating: you only have time to say the essentials, that is one thing. Just one thing and nothing else.

I know you have a couple more things to say, which are equally important, but you have to choose. In 4 seconds your viewer can only read (and memorize) a single message, because he is a human being and not a machine.

This rule also applies to facebook timeline ads, street mupi ads, magazine ads, or television and radio spots.

And since you’re going to say just one thing, choose the one that sets you apart from the competition and gives your consumer the most benefit.

The world is getting more and more impatient, so start with what matters: the dessert. The worst that can happen is to fatten your brand and make your audience happy.

A hug,

José Matias

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