Dear Brand, trust me, you still can dance.

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Dear Brand

Dear brand,

You feel that you’re too old and lost the train, but I know you can still dance, or – as my grandpa used to say – that you can still run circles around other the brands around.

We both know your golden days have gone by and that these new songs and trends are scary for you. Spotify is a more complicated instrument than a bagpipe, and you’ll surely never play it. But I know you’re not dead inside and you’re not ready to give up. You still have that same fire as of the day you were born, 40 years ago, and that wrinkly face doesn’t do you justice.

What I have to tell you is this:

You won’t dance to every song because not all of them interest you and not everything that is trendy is lucrative, so don’t be fooled by those “noisy lights”.

I ask you: if today was your last chance and you only had the right to one more dance, which record would you play?

–  Exactly! You’d pick the one song you know by heart and dance better than anyone.

Bet on the good things you have. Recognize that your value can still be useful to a lot of people. It won’t be useful to EVERYONE, that’s true, but your potential clients aren’t everyone. Discover your niche, review your positioning, your image, and start over. Do whatever it takes but use your own weapons. Reinvent yourself but stay focused on what you do better than anyone else. Always believe in yourself.

I guarantee you that there will be people lining up to dance with you again.

A hug,

José Matias

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