by José Matias

Release your creativity

“Being lucky is a lot of work” and so is “having ideas”. Creativity is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Creativity exists in everyone. It just needs to be awakened by making the right questions.
Creativity can be applied in all areas: at companies, at work, in family life, finances or farming. To create is to innovate. Innovation is essential because it creates wealth. This workshop is precisely for that: creating wealth in people and organizations.

Design for business people

Design has a function, a purpose. In business, its goal is usually helping to sell. Find out why communication design is so essential for companies when its time to promote a product or service.

I want to change my life!

Do you want to change your life and don’t know where to start? Want to change fields or create your own business, but you have no idea what you could do instead? Then this workshop is for you. We all have hidden superpowers that we sometimes don’t even notice. This is a workshop to start discovering your new course.


Do you have a specific idea for a workshop in the field of creativity, design, marketing communication, innovation? Then let’s talk and build something custom made for you!